o.u.a. m. Once upon a miracle


Snapshot_20130705_5Once upon a miracle

Your love it came to me.

I heard your Voice,

T’was my choice

To arise and follow Thee.

Once upon a miracle

I knew a deeper laugh.

I am so filled with love and wonder

Whilst following this path.

Once upon a miracle

Love came fully into view.

Once upon a miracle

Tho’ surrender was quite new.

Soul took flight.

My heart rejoiced.

I stood for the right.

I followed your Voice.

Once upon a miracle

It all became so plain.

Simple sweet surrender

Would release the imagined pain.

Once upon a miracle

The golden contract

Came in view.

I knew my mission

Was to forgive and love

Give loving service too.

Once upon a miracle

I unpacked my burdens

Of my past

Once upon a miracle

I found a love that lasts.



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