Retrospect on Grand Mother Bear’s Journey….dedicated to all childless women on Mother’s Day

40367_111856772202396_100001342203558_73968_6085481_nIt was a long Journey.  I was not alone.  I, as bear, am  now dancing on the other side of it and enjoying having it being a hurdle that was no longer on the shelf.

As a result, I have more compassion and love for Soul.  Mine and yours.

I enjoy being a bear with a good book, great love of the ECK and companions with great love and wisdom who lighten and brighten my day.

One friend stated yesterday that taking the weeds out of the garden is good.  Taking them out too soon we do not get the roots and all.  I was strengthened with love and distance to pull out the roots, look for help to get it done and open to embrace all the pain to get it gone.

The twins that were born and lived only seven hours  that Christmas Eve have taught me so much about love.  I do not have children.  I do not have grand children and no great grant children.  I took the opportunity to be ‘alone’ these past holidays as a template for my future alone celebrations.  Accepting that  Spirit has allowed me to truly enjoy my own company and made me fit company for me.    I was told years ago that women who walk alone become the grandmothers for all.

I enjoying being a bear grandmother with a huge family to share my treasures, my joys and my wee truths as they are revealed.

Thank you dear heart for walking with me.  Thank you dear Master for food, shelter and gifts of Spirit to surround me while I took off the mask and began to smile from the INSIDE OUT.   The sadness when I see children is replaced with a Joy when I read of all your discoveries and adventures.

I enjoy inner travels.  I enjoy travels across the keyboard and I enjoy learning with my extended grand and great grand children.    Bless you for being.  Thank you for being in my life.


Living with Nature
Living with Nature

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