The Riddle of God – Stranger by the River – Paul Twitchell

“ I wish to declare the riddle of God to thee.

It is most important that this be done.

Listen closely and understand.
The riddle of God is this.

“God is what ye believe IT is.

No man is wrong about the existence of God,

and yet no man is right about his knowledge of God.

There is no mystery in God

except that

IT is what soul believes that IT is.

So the riddle is that:

but all men will quarrel

and argue about the greatness of God

and their own knowledge of Him.

“Yet every man is right

in his knowledge of God.

But does this mean

that the drunkard is as right

as the great minister

who preaches from the pulpit?

Yea, I say that he, the drunkard,

is as much upon the path

as the preacher is in his pulpit.

Ah, but this is justified in thy thinking.

Each in his own place according to his understanding,

Ah, but there is the answer.

” If the drunkard seeks God through his bottle,

and it seems irreverent to speak of both in the same breath,

then let it be.

But I mean to tell ye that the seeking of happiness,

be it on a material plane or spiritual plane

is the seeking of God.

The ideal of the drunkard

is to become drunk and unconscious

so he can forget all and dwell within himself

in a state of happiness.

The God-seeker wishes

to become unconscious

in a state of inner silence

to forget all and dwell

in a state of happiness within.

What is the difference?

” None I tell ye,

for the drunkard may be closer to God

than the God-seeker

who with all his intensity

for the SUGMAD


may drive it away.

On the other hand, the drunkard will in his drunkenness forget himself, his selfishness, and false self, and it being this way, may have God’s mercy granted him and lo, enlightenment comes. ”

Only two things pervade upon the seeker or the drunkard. Both must be interested in what they seek, be it God or selfish interest. Both must have concentrated upon what they are seeking, and in finding it must believe in it. ”

The only difference is usually of character and ideals. but who knows what thy fellowmen has in his heart unless his tongue or deeds reveal such? And such is the riddle of God.

God will come to anyone who needs Him,

regardless of what their state of character or ideals may be.

” This is the riddle of God.”

The riddle of God is this.

“God is what ye believe IT is.”


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