A love note to the Creator

I get by with a little help from my friends   and trees
I get by with a little help from my friends and trees

Dear Creator,

(I boldy wrote,

Here are the contents of my note)

I love your many  blessings in my life.  

Please help me to focus on them

not upon my self-made-strife.

Help me to be open, loving and clean.

May I  be of service

like a finely tuned 

“loving-being-knowing-seeing” machine.  

I so want to be

 a  more  loving me

learning every moment, every minute.

  Help me put more love in it.

May I learn to be  more like you in every single way.

 Guide me to be gentle,

to others faults quite blind.  

Help me, please lovingly leave

the past far behind.

May I always  be listening  to thy Voice.  

Help me please to make kindness rule

and loving ways my choice.

May I learn to  be of service, every second, every day.  

Please may I choose love, as I walk the narrow way.  

I long to be  joyful in the little ways to serve.

 Help me not to get upon another’s nerves.  

Help me to be adventuresome,

to learn and boldly go…

into the unknown places of learning

that I must re-learn…

the things I already know.

May I  willingly  give love

 listen to thy Voice.

May I  be  a  more kind  being

 with gentleness my choice.  

Help me, oh Great Spirit,

guide me on my way.

  May I see your loving hand

every footstep, every day.

 Help me to help myself

to learn and grow and love.

 May I make my little world

a heaven  below and above.

 Help me dear Creator,

to be open to thy will.

 To serve, to love, to laugh,

and take moments to be still.  

Help me to help others

as they journey home to view

All the strength and joys they have

All the beauty they are too.  

Kindly, help me oh Great Spirit

on the days I stumble and forget.

You are always with me .

You guide my footsteps yet.

You are with me in the valleys,

the places that I learn.

 You are with me on the mountain tops

with joyous moments to return.

You are with me in the darkest caverns

when my learning is put to the test.

You are with me in the moment

when I come to my final rest.

Help me to surrender to you

daily to learn and to know

Your love surrounds me,

is within me every where I go.

You are with me in the midnight hours

when tests come in twos and threes

You are with me in the quiet times

when I walk among the trees.

 I thank you for the blessings

you have given to my life.

 I thank you for the learning times,

the struggles and the strife.

Let me serve with an open heart

be responsible for my part. 

Let thy will be done.

May I walk in thy beauty

Until my last setting sun.  

May I be a warrior of thy love

in every single way.  

May I walk in gratitude

today and every day.  

Thanks for being with me

as I write this from my heart.



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