Recline, repose, rejuvenate

Trees are my sanctuary
Trees are my sanctuary  Photo credit  Sonny Alfredo Galea   Jasper National Park   Sept 2008

Recline, repose, rejuvenate,

are all great things to invigorate

the physical body.  

But, me, I want more.  

I want to dream adventures

deep on the forest floor.

 I want to sink beneath the pine.

 I want to bask in cedar.

I want to be so refreshed…

(That I can hardly wait

to tell the cleaning lady,

I don’t need her).

 I want to be so renewed

that I can do it all my self.

But in the interim,

 I will rest

and put my ego

on the shelf. 

The winter winds blow dark and cold,

I must admit that I am growing old.

My spirit is not that of  a quitter.  

I have been,  oh , so blessed, 

by my angel baby-sitters.

 I have loved ones, and friends

whose love surround,

as I bask in the love

of the light and sound.  

I truly love to recline,

rejuvenate and repose.

I have chores on the morrow

which I have to dispose.

 I am the dreaming poet.

 I am so very  blessed

throughout my life.

 I am coming now,  beloved,  

to be thy dreaming wife. 

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