Simple smile

A Waitress at Duval's Restaurant)
A Waitress at Duval’s Restaurant) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It was a simple smile.

A simple wave of thanks.

A lovely song that  could save the day.

You were busy working late till  “all hours”.

The waitress,  at the deli, had your order right and ready.

You said…

Oh, there is a higher power

Thanks  so kindly for making my day.

I appreciate your service.”

You could  not know

that the five dollar tip

You gave did not mean

as much as the smile

in your eyes or

the curve to your lips.

The single mother waitress had not been

thinking clearly for quite a while.

She was tired, and lonely and very depressed.

You came in a hurry, smartly dressed.

She was afraid you would yell or vent.

She never expected your smile or thanks.

You will never know what it meant.

Her heart was low and discontent.

She was going to

stop by the bridge or her way home.

But, because of  your thanks

and simple smile…she never went.

She decided to stay

on the planet for a little while longer.

She rushed home to thank her mother

for sitting with the kids.

She gave her your five dollars….

with a smile that could not be hid.

She felt so much better

and a little stronger. 

We never know whose lives we touch.

We never can know when a smile

can mean so very much. 

We never know behind whose eyes is hiding ~ the beloved.


12 thoughts on “Simple smile

  1. A smile is such a small thing but it can save a life, brighten the darkest of days it is our easiest and best way to reach out to the world. I am smiling at you now.

  2. Great words to help us all remember how small simple gestures of human kindness can make a difference. I visit a nursing home and am amazed how a smile, a touch, or a little joke can bring much joy to folks.

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