A love note to the weary traveler


when I was big

and you were little?

You were my favorite playmate.

You always saved for  me

the apple from the middle.

You talked with me

among the stars.

Oh the memories

that were ours.


it is another life.

You still  have your favorite

quiet renewing place

Here,  here in my heart.

So my beloved friend, 

I am sending you this note.

Read it often till you know it by rote. 

Come sit in the quiet space.

Be refreshed, 



Till spirit

can revive you 

With its velvet glove. 

 These  humble greetings

Will  suffice

Until I see your face.

Come to me

in the dreamstate.

Come to me

in your smile.

Come to me

when you ready.

The Creator 

Cabin with Snow!
Cabin with Snow! (Photo credit: eWeaver)

is working on me

for a little  while.

When full moon comes

on the darkest night of winter,

I will be in the cabin in the woods

Making tea and biscuits.

Oh, the laughter in that thought


Come when you are ready.

My own beloved dear heart.

Come to the quietude

Of  this  renewing place…

It is a place to start. 

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