New Traditions now appear…..

Oasis (Photo credit: Photomatt28)
New Traditions now appear…..
As the changes 
With some of the old ones,
leaving, divorcing, dying.

I am learning about the unconditional love.

I learned it from the airlines….

who tell you to ” put your mask on first”.

I learned from the Creator….

who taught me how to fill my thirst.

I can not bring  a  gift

of a cup of water to the traveler 

WHEN  I have not dug my well. 

I shall not feel guilty

for owning  a clear,  cool,  deep  artisan well.

I shall not tell you

of the arduous hours

of digging and self discovery.

I will teach you if you ask.

I will buy you the shovel.

I will not dig it for you. 

But first drink dear traveler.

Sample the living water.

Is it that which you have been seeking?

You need not stay to dig the well here. 

You have your Journey.

Thank you for spending a moment

with the new traditions

and an old woman at the well. 

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