Cuttings of branches for Christmas

Cedar Bough
Cedar Bough (Photo credit: Chris Campbell)

Gathering in the branches to make the season bright.

What of the ones who sit alone

crying in the night…

How can we gather them in?

When I give to

my wee ones in the family

I am planting new sprouts and hope.

When I let go of the travelers

I sit in silence for those left behind

For those still tied to their addictions and dope. 

I was a traveler.

I could not stop in one place

because I would have to face myself.

I would have to face my addiction. 

Thank you dear patient praying family

now that my life has changed.

Thank you for the light and sound of God with its love I was re-arranged. 

I am the one gathering.

I am the one sitting in silence.

While the traveler comes, goes and leaves things feeling new and strange. 

Gathering in the branches to make the season bright.

8 thoughts on “Cuttings of branches for Christmas

  1. Our experiences change our state of consciousness sometimes from receiver to giver,from stepped on to lifting up,from “a confused doubtful seeker to an incandescent lover of GOD”. We decide the outcome by our actions of attitude and attention (Focus)

    1. Thanks kindly Zartle….we lost a family member this week …..they got up one day and drove away.

      I am most blessed to be able to love unconditionally and acknowledge this quote in my life today

      “When you are with others, realize that they too are Lights of God who are also trying to find their way home to a better, happier, more graceful life.” Harold Klemp ~ How the Inner Master Works, Mahanta Transcripts, Book 12, page 17.

  2. We never really loose anyone,as soul they ae always there if you have the eyes to see, the ears to hear and the heart to understand.only the physical you loose the human state of consciousness,and the ability to hug and kiss them on the outer.but you can do that on the inner and I have done so….<3 albert

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