Where does Trust begin?

Where does Trust begin?

I sincerely believe it is an INSIDE JOB.

When I trust my heart, my capacity to love…

unconditionally….I can trust you.

What you do with that gift of trust is not my responsibility. 

Recently, I saw an aging man.

He does not trust.

He cannot trust.

He never learned to trust.

You give him love.

He does not trust it.

So I gave him love as the broken child

of the Creator that I saw him to be. 

I gave him the trust

I would have wanted him to always have known.

“How could you?”   I was asked.

I visualized I was standing at his grave-side

with the way things were between us.

All the childhood trauma,

violence surfaced in the conversation at his burial.

I gave myself a gift.

I treated him AS IF he were worthy of trust

when I saw him after the visualization.

I gave him the unconditional love

that the Creator has always given me.

I did not give up on the aging man.

The Creator has never given up on me.

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