BRAVO This is a story many need to hear Many now have a voice through this deep sharing` I am sharing it Could you Merci

Inspiration Import

November  2012

‘KEN’ by Lesley Fletcher

Ken – a 61 year old male plagued by a lifelong battle with alcohol and mental illness. His high functioning days have long passed.

Jackie – 60 year old female, sister to Ken and advocate of his needs.


Ken stands before his audience telling his story. He is dressed in sweatpants, a t-shirt and cardigan. His voice is deep and grovelled; his pace of delivery is slow and deliberate. It sounds as though he is drowning, gurgling when he speaks following repeated guzzles of beer. He peers at the audience without seeing them. Jackie, his sister adds to Ken’s story by expressing what took place in fact. She stands off to one side allowing him his own voice.



I’ll probably die today and I’m okay with that.

I’ll have earned another label then. The friendly schizophrenic who couldn’t take life anymore…

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