For the third year in a row….I am sending the same poem to Carol….because the love just grows and grows. Happy Birthday week Carol

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There once was a lady named Carol Wallace

Who challenged life with a smile.

She championed the old and broken

She made everyone’s life worthwhile.

Well today she is having a birthday.

Her virtues we would like to address.

One wishes her many years happiness

Her age we can only guess.

It appears her golden years are approaching

At a rate one can only suppose

We know her youthful spirit has

always the angel’s caress.

So while you are sitting there laughing

At her aging and the distress that it brings

Do you not wish you had her patience

With the  flair for loving  detail in all things.

Carol,  heres wishing  you continued joy in service

With  the rewards that your kindness brings.

But most of all we wish we had voices

Your birthday praises to sing.

Since that is not convenient

(Youth had its own demands)

We will…

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