Oh, how I long to be free……..

Geode (Photo credit: PixSaurus)

Oh how I long to be free

Of the “rage-aholic

that is hiding in me.

I can see your faults..

(I am perfect you know).

I just want to love you.

How I don’t know.

However, your

unacceptable actions

I allow

to get me out of control.

You should know this

You are too good a mirror

you help me to see.

I have a raging

“rage-alolic” hiding in me.

I want to surrender.

I want to let go.

But,  if I do not accept that I love  you, 

I will have to let you go.

‘Let Go and Let God ‘

Is what the teacher  teaches.

So why am wanting

to greet you with screeches?

This raging rage-alholic is driving me mad.

I only need to surrender.

I know that.

You know what is so sad?

For the moment

I want to walk in the darkness

Scream right in your face.

In the same moment

I long for your embrace. 

I will surrender

to the Creator’s sweet grace.

I need to forgive myself .

I need to be free.

Of the raging “rage-aholic”

The one no longer hiding in me.

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