Read this with your heart…..

Candles Flame in the Wind by


I am concerned for my friends.

I have heard them declaring :

“I am holier than thou”

and “I am more evolved than you”

” I have greater gifts than you”.

Hey folks?

Where is it written

that we are to compare our gifts

to one another?

I thought our gifts were to help one another?

We came to the planet to learn,

love and be co-creators

with not only the divine spark

in ourselves

but to honour

the divine spark in others.

So could we just take a moment and be supportive of one another?

Stop with the labels.

Stop with the comparisons.

START with the love.

When you read this with your heart…..

could you take a few moments

and send love:

to those who are not

“as holy as you”

not as “gifted” as you

and not as “evolved” as you?


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