SPICIE Woman – Guest Author – Amanda Fox

What is a Spicie woman? You may not even be familiar with Spicie and at this moment you’re sitting there, giving the screen a little dose of the stink eye wondering why you might even want to know. Even though you don’t know it yet, you may very well be a Spicie woman too. As we say our on site; “Spicie is today’s woman. She is different. She is unique. The Spicie woman may be your sister. She may be your neighbor. She may be your co-worker. She may be your boss. She may be you.” There’s more to it than that, however, and a very interesting story about how Spicie came to life.

Spicie (http://spicie.com/) the product of  conversation among several women that took on a life of it’s own. We were sitting around one evening on Facebook having a discussion about a story that came up in the news concerning an issue that was singularly that of women. The specific story, we’ve forgotten over time, but what stood out was that in the reporting of that news there was not a woman included. It was written by a man. All the quotes were provided by men and the story itself failed to really grasp the issue in the way we, as woman, felt it needed to.                                                                                        Amanda Fox, Editor-In-Chief, Spicie

We strayed into discussing why so many news stories were like that. Why is it that in 2012 there wasn’t really a site for women like us? Women that do know what is going on around the world and are genuinely concerned about it? Why is that most of the news we read or heard about issues like women’s rights, reproductive rights, women in business and politics, seemed to be overwhelmingly reported by men and missing something so basic as what it really is that women feel about the issues?

We jokingly said, “We can do that! We’ll rule the world!” Although it may have been said jokingly, our future publisher knew we were on to something. She knew as well as any of us that the voice of real women is not as well represented in the media as many think. She also knew that there really wasn’t a place on the web to go to get information on a full range of topics about women, written by women, for women in plain language. We had the idea and drive, but no name.

Our publisher, Sharon Hayes, CEO of Domainate and I began talking about if we could really make this happen. As one of the leading sellers of domain names on the web, Sharon had a tremendous amount to choose from, but Spicie was what stuck out in both of our minds.  There was something to it. Even though she and I were sold on it, not all the ladies were until Sharon posted what she thought a Spicie woman is:

“A Spicie woman is: Sexy, Passionate, Interesting, Curious, Intelligent, Evocative.”

That sold everyone on the Spicie name, but we still had to figure out how to make it work. With several years in content creation and management, Amanda Fox stepped in as Editor-In-Chief with Anni Bricca serving as editor as well as the talent behind creating our graphics. We decided that although we were a cozy group, we needed more voices to go along with us, so we brought in women (http://spicie.com/the-women-of-spicie/) like Anise Smith and Carrie Eckles to complement Adrianna Contreras, Barbara Farina, Tracy Madlener, Ashley Gephart, Heather Jabusch, Penni Peterson and guest columnist Grace Alexander.

You still might be wondering what we actually do? What we have begun creating, we see as eventually being not just a destination for information, but a community. We do not shirk away from difficult topics like the horror of FGM, the education system, women in the media, human trafficking or the always testy waters of politics. We go beyond the news, however, and open our lives to you. The realities of menopause, victory over personal cases of bullying and an upcoming series on how body image is viewed by women of different backgrounds and sizes.

Our message is – All women are Spicie! We are real people with real concerns and we  can make a difference if we use our voices as one unified front. We look to support one another and embrace that which is different in each of us because when all is said and done, underneath the color of our skin, our upbringing, where we are in life, what higher power we do or do not pray to or regardless of whom we love, we are a family. We are together through the best days life offers, but more importantly, the worst as well.

We would love to have you stop by our site and chime in. Join the discussions with us on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/SpicieDotCom) and let us know what you think. What concerns you? What do you, as a woman, want us to write about? Most of all, we want you to walk away feeling more informed, better about yourself and the days ahead of us all. Together, we can survive anything with class and dignity and help make one another the best we can possibly be!

By: Amanda Fox, Editor-In-Chief, Spicie

7 thoughts on “SPICIE Woman – Guest Author – Amanda Fox

  1. Thank you so very much for giving us this opportunity to help spread our message. We deeply appreciate your support and friendship!

  2. […] detail about the origins of Spicie. (If you want to know the exact sequence of events, you can read about it here.) The nutshell version of it is that several women were talking one night on Facebook about an issue […]

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