What offering may I bring?

Diamonds (Photo credit: qthomasbower)

What offering

may I bring

to a table laden

with everything?

What song?

What voice?

What mood?

What choice

of gifts

may I offer

to thee this hour

(My Guide,

my Source,

my Higher Power)?

 What kind of service

would be enough

to show you the love,

the gratitude

and all that stuff?

I know.

I will be

my authentic 

true  myself.

I will place

the cares

and burdens on a shelf

into thy Hands.

I will stop

making huge demands…

of myself and others.

I will stop

doing things

that makes

love smother.

I will serve

by being open

to the



which flows.

It is available

in abundance…

Goodness knows. 

That is

the highest

and best

I can bring.

I bring myself.

I dedicate


my thoughts, 

my actions, 

my love, and 

my voice.

May I be

guided by

Thy will,

Thy Love,

Thy choice.

Love and joy

are what makes


heart sings. 

Soul is in no


It will teach me

at Its own pace.

I will stop

getting in  the way of Spirit.

I will surrender

to the Voice as I hear it.

I will not resist

when You give me the nudge.

My ego has been running

the whole show.

It is time for surrendering.

It is time for letting go.

This is the offering

That I bring.

I feel the shift starting.

I am able to sing. 

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