Falling in to love

English: Papaver 'Falling in Love'
English: Papaver ‘Falling in Love’ (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Falling into love

with my own life.

What a terrific adventure

not focused on the 

worries nor strife.

I know that in this moment

I am all that I can be.

I am so very blessed

to be happy, joyous and free.  

I once had prisons

in my mind.

I was full of anger

and very unkind.

How blessed I am:


the love was sent, 

That my path

has been changed

from where I went. 

My life with love has been re-arranged. 

I once had prisons

So if you do too, 

Know that you

are not alone.

Love can see you through.

Start with person in your mirror today.

Start with some gratitude,  learn how to play.

Start with the love of the Creator for thee.

See how beautiful you are, you`ll see.

This is not an empty promise

It is joy I can share

Look inward to the beauty 

The Creator put it there.

He planted the seed

of love in your heart

He wants you to find

it as a place to start.

If you are needing a listener

Let email be your voice 

I will walk with you 

Show you have choice.

So until then,

my dear heart,

my friend

Know you are not alone 

Till your Journey ends. 

Falling in to love

It takes a deep breath.

Walking away from

judgements or feeling less than,

Be your authentic self….be all that you can. 

Asking for help 

Acting as if for a while

Practice the presence

It is up to you

Experience Spirits sweet smile.

Falling into love. 

Needing a listener……email GR8LISTENER at bethevoicegiveachoice@gmail.com
I can send you a list of resources that helped me to love again. 

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