Walking in the Sunlight of Spirit

Sunlight, Trees
Sunlight, Trees (Photo credit: Creativity+ Timothy K Hamilton)
Sunlight and Dogwoods
Sunlight and Dogwoods (Photo credit: fdtate)
Sunlight Feed
Sunlight Feed (Photo credit: kennytyy)
Sunlight (Photo credit: Dave Stokes)
Sunlight (Photo credit: Alan 0NL1nE)
English: Spraybows sunlight refracting through...
English: Spraybows sunlight refracting through the spray from the waterfall (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Walking in the Sunlight of the Spirit

Every action is a prayer

Every laughter is a mantra

Every smile a blessing

Every thought a gift of service.

I dance with the joy of the day.

I am blessed above all when Spirit has its way.

5 thoughts on “Walking in the Sunlight of Spirit

  1. Absolutely beautiful words and photography! We have both definitely been with the spirit today. Hope you have a chance to visit catnip [if not already:>)]

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