Spring forth in gratitude

Red sky at night, sailor's/shepherd's delight.
Red sky at night, sailor’s/shepherd’s delight. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Clouds in the Sunset
Clouds in the Sunset (Photo credit: Afroswede)
Key West Sunset Wide
Key West Sunset Wide (Photo credit: dongato)

Sunset over the Forth

Hellebores, Oldway Mansion, Paignton The helle...
Hellebores, Oldway Mansion, Paignton The hellebores bring forward thoughts of spring in the winter, though mid February is not what it used to be! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Beloved,  I have not expressed

How thoughts of you bring happiness.

How upon a spring day

Thoughts of you come my way.

How wonderous it is to view

Clouds with your smile hiding there too.

How an aroma seems to bring

Shared experiences to make my heart sing.

How wonderful it is to know

Thoughts of love 

Are with me wherever  I go.

Ofttimes, there can be a song

Memories of you will come along.

How blessed I am with this new attitude 

When thoughts of you spring forth in gratitude.

All of nature seems to dance

With agreement to romance.

Awh, but better still

When quiet smiles escape at will.

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