Oh great day in the morning……….

Spirits of the Sky
Spirits of the Sky (Photo credit: Dead Air)

De los espíritus del Arroyo. <3 From the spiri...

Free Spirit
Free Spirit (Photo credit: Brian Auer)

Oh great day in the morning….

She could fall in love without any warning.
In love with life,
In love with bliss
In love with learning
No need of kiss…
There are many wonderful ways to fall in love…….
I am now learning to allow love to flow in and through me.
I need not a beloved on which I would lavish my affection
I will fall in love with Source, the Sunlight of the Spirit
For the joy, the gratitude….all of it comes from that direction.

Writing for my beloved

The Mind is Going Down

the defeat of the mind the moment of mental Waterloo

 when it occurs with meltdown splendor,

 it is an epic moment in the unfolding of Soul,
moving soul up on survival scale….

why is this? Be cause a surrendered mind is a true servant subservient to

spiritual purification , for it begins its true expression of love for all life,

going forth in total agreement, full acceptance for all that is required

in a moments notice, staying in loves way freed from all impediments that

stand in ways of understanding the gifts of conscious revelation of what this

lifetime is about
and why Soul reincarnated this lifetime,

integrating all its incarnations in one fell swoop,

 knowing with out minds doubting deceptions, soul exists because God loves it,

this alone is more than enough for liberation

this lifetime.

 Straight no chaser,

 Soul is ahead of…

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