Guest author Navid Helmi Four Poems (Unedited)

Golabdarre Valley in the North of Tehran, Iran.
Golabdarre Valley in the North of Tehran, Iran. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Kolakchal Shelter in the North of Tehran, Iran.


North of Iran, Shomal.
North of Iran, Shomal. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Rud Khan Fort in The Northern Jungles of Iran,...
Rud Khan Fort in The Northern Jungles of Iran, temperate rainforests in Gilan Provence, Iran (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Language of Secret

All through the earth is the tombstone of soul

 Not a place to meet the spirit`s glorious goal,

We are all drunk,shipwrecked and drowned

 It`s our fate written in the golden scroll,

So far we have fallen away from the Beloved,

 In the bodies which are fully out of control,

When will you magnetize us to your pole

 When you are going to pour our bowl?

A multitude are satisfied by thy splendor

How can they play their pure individual role?

Just a few I find truly in love with you

All squatted in their hermitage like mole,

We were aware and now we are nothing

 This nothing is not enough for the parole?

O Master!We are drunk of thy majestic wine

 This drunkenness have faded us at whole,

These crazy faraway pupils of love

How can be freed from this terrestrial hole?

For describing you it is enough to be said:

You are the living master of truth and all,

Helmi speaks in the Language of Secret

For the kindness of thee,the majesty of soul.

Navid Helmi 4/13/2012

The luminous tree

We are waves of love through a floating see,

 We are sparkles of God in your quay of glee,

We are glorious leaves of the luminous tree,

 No boundary we know,

for in soul we are free.

Navid Helmi 3/9/2012

Garden of heart

I sneak to your borders every night,

 Jump over the fences,

And steal your beating words of light,

I never feel repentance,

For smelling your garden of heart.

A world of gentleness and right,

An ocean of splendid styles,

 I am drowning inside,

 Shore by shore- I am being expanded,

 In an endless, Ever-increasing depth of height.

Put out your candles companions!

put out your desires!

 The living sun welcomes you,

 To the banquet of dancing stars,

You are those flames of splendor,

You are those furious glee of fire.

Some words I grab each night

 From the center of your sight,

What will be the sentence-

 Of my stray wanderer heart?

Navid Helmi 12/8/2011

Countenance of love

In taverns I see the face of my beloved,

 And cups show me each time:

The countenance of love.

I am carrying God on my shoulders,

Oh my mind!walk away,

Oh my heart!be aware,

 It`s the path of danger,

It`s the real adventure.

My brain is burning,

 My home is collapsing,

My hopes are fading,

My will is being ruined,

But my heart is rising.

Rogue and drunkard,

No difference how hard,

No difference how crazy,

I plunge into your heart.

I talk to no one,

I go to nowhere,

I sit in darkness,

To you I just nod yes.

In idols I see your stillness,

 In surges I see your madness,

 In winds I hear you humming,

In dreams I die your being.

In taverns I see your face my beloved,

 And cups show me each time:

 The countenance of love.

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