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Italiano: Nubi al tramonto. English: Clouds at...
Italiano: Nubi al tramonto. English: Clouds at sunset. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Red sky at night, sailor's/shepherd's delight.
Red sky at night, sailor's/shepherd's delight. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Clouds during sunset over Fürth
Clouds during sunset over Fürth (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The gratitude I feel in this moment.

The joy for the miracles received

The blessings that keep my heart beating

Are more than the mind could perceive

When locked in the prison of addiction, doubt and fear

I could hardly belive in the Creator

Or a Higher Power was not very clear

Then the miracle happened

My recovery began to kick in.

I could face the day with a grin.

I was working more now on the discovery

Not wallowing on the places I had been

I could practice the Presence of the Creator

I could learn to get up when I fall

I knew that I was no longer walking alone

Love was there at my beck and call

The years have slowly built now

From so many “One day at time’s”

There now I will admit it

There is now one addiction still mine.

I am addicted to laughter,

to the joy of the Sunlight of the Spirit on my face.

I am addicted to gratitude,

quiet moments of each thing in its place.


Guest Author Fran Blackwell Truth in Celebration (unedited…perfection is not edited)

Truth in Celebration

Moving through the jungle of life
footsteps sounding like a herd of
elephants, no subtlety there, or here,
why do I provoke thought?

Only when thoughtless waves
assault the senses, no defense for
there is none,it is always a choice
to keep the blinders on

shielding you from truth why?
Truth is to painful,
the lie—deceptive in its promise of comfort–
yet there will come a moment when you are out of time’
in that moment, the state of grace emerges
holding forth the mirror of Soul,
it waits,for each soul to come face to face

with Its Truth, Its Heart song,
and when we turn away in the spirit of
abandonment, not a pretty sight,
it is the stuff of nightmares
and the cry in the night

yet nothing is ever lost, for
the womb of darkness encircles the
heart, giving birth to all of your truth,
nothing but the truth, so help you God

Pop goes the weasel round and round
somewhere the illumination of courage
purifies the heart felt truth Be told
Yes your truth telling revelations

Divine turning point of Grace, as a beacon,
a shining example of Soul unfettered
in Light and Sounding of its Truth

Let the celebration begin
as we move away from the pitfalls
falling into outer conflict
which reflects inner turmoil
among the consciousness of man

the right of choice
the age old power struggle
Love vs. Power

the forces of darkness assail the
very fortress of the Beloved
and though the Dark Warrior challenges
greatly, its effort is still puny, petty, and cannot win,

for the mighty Sugmad Itself
will open the floodgates of the Ocean
of Love and Mercy,
drowning out the cries from the negative force
begging, for mercy…

Mercy, have mercy, forgetting the missing link
is love and mercy, not power and mercy
leaving all things washed away carried
since the dawn of time these timeless values
what can be said in words or songs

that purely answers the question
what is the sound of hearts breaking of compassion?
The tearful sounding entry into a humble state
of quite repose, knowing I am all that I am
And the God-Self I Am consumes this body
this world constructed for souls
to discover God within all things

to peel away all the layers of illusion
found in the playground of the mind—mindless
in its fragmented perceptions detouring its
way around and away from Market Place
of consciousness, discovering the overhead
to high a price to pay, so freedom and liberation,
wait for a sale, while God waits
patiently for Soul to risk it all in the moment,

The quiet voice of God whispers loving reminders
of Souls journey through all its incarnations
and freedom finds its voice, Soul hears,
breaking free from shackles of the mind

rising into the worlds of Heaven,
no more picking or choosing
choices gone, blown away in the wind of change
illusion gone, leaving only Truth, God Truth,
there is only Love
God love is all

Truth unborn goes into labor, birthing
celebrations of “Truth in its ever changing
new forms with love enduring, truth is everlasting,
God is Love– that Is Truth

Everything, is only what you make it……


Everything, is only what you make it.

Nothing, is ever more then what it is.

               The value of one, is perception.

               The purpose of two, is to be one.

The combination of two parts,

is completion

and the sum of two hearts

is infinite.



is a step above anything. 


is a step below something.

         Today was a prospect of yesterday

          Tomorrow is a wasted today.

and yesterday is a fading farewell 

to life that is passing away.

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Great information for those wanting to connect with the Goddess within….


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Probably the best known myth about her is when her daughter, Persephone, was abducted by Hades, the Underworld God of the Dead. Her grief was so much that she prohibited the growth of crops and let famine and the dying fields affect the lives of mortals. With the commotion happening, Zeus, through Hermes, ordered Persephone to be released from Hades. As mother…

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