This photo of Neptune intrigued me…..enjoy the journey on this blog I did

The Mansionic Perspective

You’d think that with being Piscean (a water sign), having an affinity to the planets and the rest of the Universe and a natural pull to anything water-based, the signs today were most definitely there.

With yesterday being Friday the Thirteenth, a very good day if I say so myself, the day Friday or the number 13 would come into the mix somewhere, coincidentally speaking and all that. You’d have thought. (I was born on the thirteenth. Of March)

It may be true that Galileo saw Neptune for the second time on January 27th, 1613: but the second sighting of a distant planet in a year that ends in 13 is just a fact that looks like it ties in. It doesn’t. If Galileo had discovered Neptune on a Friday the 13th, now, that would be more of a coincidence. However, he didn’t. January 27th was a Sunday that year…

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