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The Goddess of Pot Roasts….

Onions on a neutral, mostly white background
Onions on a neutral, mostly white background (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Red onion slices
Red onion slices (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
onion (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
A Barrel House — the first new dwelling to be ...
A Barrel House — the first new dwelling to be created at Findhorn Ecovillage. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Stonehenge and other ancient sites are revered...
Stonehenge and other ancient sites are revered by many who practice New Age spirituality. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Self realization



new age….that one interests me….are you telling me I can wake up tomorrow and have a new age

Self realization



These are worthy goals.

My goals at the moment are finding onions for the post roast.

Something I can self realize.

Something I can certainly manifest.

Being the Goddess of  Pot Roast is not easy.

It is April for goodness sake.

Taxes are due.

It has been so long since we had bannock and  stew..

I am tired from all the payments to make. 

The government cheque

does not last often

past the middle of the month

So to ascend

to the mighty heights

of having pot roast

on the seventeenth of the month

Makes me unequivocably the Goddess of Pot  Roast.

How do you count blessings

This image was selected as a picture of the we...
This image was selected as a picture of the week on the Malay Wikipedia for the 51st week, 2010. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
lightning from Hell
lightning from Hell (Photo credit: phani_astronomy®)
Wide-lightening (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Lightning (Photo credit: Pete Hunt)

How do you  find the courage

To move beyond the day-to-day

 To embrace things that open your heart in a special way.

The blessings and the magic does abound

It comes to me through the light and sound.

The music

of the furnace

as it cuts in to give me warmth


with the hum of the refrigerator

(footsteps of the family climbing up the stairs

bring joys to me of which they are unaware)

adding the sound of the traffic on the street

as the opening of the concert. 

The pelting rain now begins

calling in

the sound of the wind

in the pine. 

The thunder joins  in the chorus

inviting his partner

Madam Lightening to be her brazen self.

I enjoy basking

in the sounds

of the moments of a spring day.

Leaving thoughts of the income tax filing,

budgets, time schedules  and cares on the shelf.

How do you count your blessings

Do you begin with the fact you are alive

and have the challenges you have created.

Or are you stuck in the sorrow

and loss of things not anticipated

The attitude of gratitude 

can move you into action

To count your blessings anyway

Even when not every thing is to your satisfaction.

Start counting up your blessings

In a moment you will see

The cares will not be so heavy weighing you down

You can be happy, joyous and free. 

Guest author Carl DeVilbiss shares link and review of his books

“Practical Wisdom for Loss and Renewal”

“Author Carl DeVilbiss shares deep practical wisdom in this wonderful book. It’s easy-to-access and understand, full of apt anecdotes and personal stories. I like how the book is set up. He addresses a range of topics which anyone experiencing loss of any kind will find helpful and relevant. It unfolds well when read from start to finish, yet each topic stands alone and the reader may easily navigate as s/he wishes. The theme of learning more productive and cooperative ways to traverse the journey of loss and renewal is beautifully expressed in the exploration of each topic. The writing is spare and clear, as one might expect from a Naval Engineer and business consultant. And it’s also hopeful and wise, as one might expect from well, Yoda. Highly recommended.”

– Kanta Bosniak

Always delighfull this one will make your day or not


In this post, the respected critic Simon Banks comments on the work of the obscure poet Simon Banks. In the last post I analysed, or at least commented on, Spirit Mountain and Knight at Arms. Now, proceeding from the earliest poems posted here towards the latest and selecting poems I think I’ve got something to say about, here are some more.


On Marston Moor the rubbish grows

Beside the road, great pile on pile

And those who choked on their own blood

If they could see, would wryly smile,


If they could smile, at this New World

Which marks their death with rusty iron,

Snapped plastic, aluminium;

And those who tried to build their Zion


Or serve their King, may hear the chant

“Behold, we’re making all things new:

The bloody rout on Marston Moor

Is no concern of me or you”.


The Yorkshire soil…

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