I watched you from the window when the garden was your bliss;

such joy and peace inside your heart, such love was ever this.

The sunny smile, the velvet touch on flowers, trees, and grass;

my maiden fair with raven hair, my woman, my love, my lass.


I watched you toil the day away, the night came much too soon;

were light enough upon the soil, you’d thank the summer moon.


I watched you walk and swing your arms, your gait was brisk, your spirit bright.

I watched you sleep in heaven’s arms, I kissed your cheek goodnight.


Now lay your head and close your eyes and feel the gentle touch

of one who saw you in the light; one who knows little, but much.

Slumber in the darkened room that saw our love and now

is witness to a love renewed by circumstance somehow

revealed in…

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