M y s t i i c

We often miss out on the “why” of a life incident by judging it too soon! Sometimes, it is a gift, left to be opened as mature adults with a brand new perspective Winking smile The power of Gratitude has a way to reverse the effects, if we choose to want to stop hurting. Gratitude, is universal, it does not understand WRONG, its only purpose is to REVEAL the WHY, that you may release the WHAT, WHEN, WHERE , HOW and WHO  of HISTORY that  has kept you HURTING, knowingly or unknowingly. It is true, that most of us are UNAWARE of “WHY” we’re still hurting, only and only because, we’ve held the PAST too long to remember… that we’ve yet to RELEASE it!! I chose a new way forward… with phenomenal results… I NOW live in the NOW… happy that NO MATTER WHAT happened in the PAST… I learnt from it……

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Law of Harmonics from The Flute of God by Paul Twitchell Page 93

Music         Color                 Symbol         Planet               Metal                 Numbers                 Quality         Vowels

Do             Red                                      Earth                    Iron                   3                          Strength          o



Ra            Orange                                  Sun                      Gold                  1                           Pride               i

                                                                                                                 4                           Faith


Me            Yellow              Soul              Mercury             Mercury               5                          Intelligence      o

Fa            Green                                   Saturn                 Lead                    8                          Temperance      oo


Sol         Blue                  Spirit              Jupiter                Tin                                                    Justice              u


La           Indigo                                  Venus               Copper                                                 Spirit               ee


Ti       Violet                                      Moon                 Silver                                                   Inner Force       e




***typist notes    Kindly accept the chart….I am not proficient in making straight lines or doing charts as yet…

Dedicated to my Desden Doll…..Kathryn Montgomery-Meissner

Your voice

has a healing quality

which resonates in the highest realm of my being.

I love you for the gift you carry

and the gift you are.

When I was not able to walk, or speak;

your voice carried me,

sustained me,

lead me home.

Home to the Voice of the Centuries,

that would

heal me

guide me. 

Thank you my loving friend

for sharing your voice,

for standing beside me.