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I wrote this poem on abuse at school by piers and teachers, last year and posted it last september. It  is personal and I am not afraid to say so. My school days were among the worst days of my life. I do know that it does not sound as horrific as some the other poems and situations that I have tackled  this  last week but it is abuse and both boys and girls suffer it .

It can be even worse these days as there is now cyber bullying so the poor victim cannot get away from it unless they cut themselves off completely from the modern appliances. In fact some people are Tolled after their death and so it is their family that carry on receiving the bullying.

It is abuse it should be stopped but the schools do not seem to be able to stop it !

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Alexander Straulino for sure knows how to take a beauty shoot to the next level… totally thinking outside the box with the elements he has been using to acomplish his work such as dust, liquids, paint, newspaper just to mention a few! He understands beauty in a very particular way where beauty meets art. Faces turn out into real masterpieces!

“Straulino’s pictures are unique. With his eagerness to experiment and his courage to try new things he partially alienates pictures so that they almost have an abstract effect.

The models become sculptures – richly colored, dazzling and exotic. A whiff of eroticism touches consciousness and subconciousness at the same time.

In this way, Straulino answers the question what is beautiful on a human being or what makes it beautiful in his very own, so far unseen way”.

This is not a single editorial, we made a selection of his portfolio for you…

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Mother and women in my life

I have the most wonderful women in my family.

From the “Last of the clan” to “Great Auntie here I am.”

My neighbours, my companions, the women at tea

Have taught me to be open, to be free.

However, my family has taught me the best

To be ourselves, to put worries at rest.

Their grooming,

Their laughter,

Their wonderful smiles

Fill my life with such joy

That It makes it all worth  while

My blood family make me so proud

I want to sing their praises from the nearest cloud.

My spiritual family are always on hand

Regardless of the fact they are spread ‘throughout the land’

The women of my Faith the surround me

Their love does astound me.

I have the most wonderful women in my life.

They show me how to love.

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Mother and women in my life

I watch women’s hands.

I learn from them.

Some hands are open.
Some hands are closed.
Some hands are baking.
Some hands are making
clothes, mending or brand new.
Some hands will always have to “make do.”
Some hands are willing.
Some have no choice.
Some are speaking instruments
For those without voice.

Grandmother’s hands were cleaning,

crocheting, caressessing.

With her hands there was no second guessing. 

Then,  there were moments,  when upon a fevered brow

Those hands were healing 

With a gentle “Hush, now.”

Mother’s hands were gaily saying 

“Clean your room,

get your books,

get ready for church,  

or come sit near,  it’s time for praying”

I am wondering,  as I ponder,  looking in the past

Just how wonderful their hands are now.

Now that  there are no more earthly chores to do.

Now that  there are only “angel jobs’

and Souls’ to  “pray through” 


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