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When you see the sky
In your troubled time
Keep in mind that I am close by
When you cannot feel
My presence in real
Keep listening to my whispers
When you feel so down
Like life has stopped
Picture me in front of your eyes
For my beloved it’s no secret
I love you it’s almost
Painful and impossible.
Take some minutes off
From your busy schedule
And have a conversation with me
It’s not too far
Or long time away
Very soon we will be together
Until then darling take heart
There is nothing more powerful
Than a fervent prayer.
Never let there be any doubt
For my love is eternal…

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Willing to be willing

Langkowi 7
Langkowi 7 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Sunsets, from Charlottetown, Canada
Sunsets, from Charlottetown, Canada (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
The love of my life
The love of my life (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Red sunset
Red sunset (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Sunset at Kalpeni.
Sunset at Kalpeni. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Master, I need to surrender

all my noise, my electronic chatter.

Master, I need to surrender,

to you in focusing on

all  the people in my life, 

those things that really matter.

Master, I want the silence,

to hear your voice within.

Master, I want to start

every day in every way

In gratitude, with a grin.

Master help me to be willing

To be willing.

To make a temple of my life

A space for the

Taken in Killaloe, Ontario
Taken in Killaloe, Ontario (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

in filling.