The waltz of love

Waltz in White-1
Waltz in White-1 (Photo credit: catface3)

Waltz in White-2

ballerina (Photo credit: alandberning)
Butterfly Ballerina
Butterfly Ballerina (Photo credit: ihave3kids)
Waltzing statue
Waltzing statue (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When a young woman falls in love, 

The whole world dances with her. 

Love dances within her.

Love moves her feet 

Love takes her to the highest heaven within and without.


When a maiden becomes a Mother

The world grows within her for nine months.

When the baby is born, the Mother is both the Source and giver of love.

A smile from her beloved child takes away thousands of hours of fatigue.


When a crone, discovers beauty within herself…

The world silently smiles, and nods its head.

Secretly desiring the object of her affection

Is from her heart, her mind, her joy 

From Soul`s selection.


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