Your voice touches Soul

Bright Solar Flare
Bright Solar Flare (Photo credit: NASA Goddard Photo and Video)
NASA's Magnetospheric Mission Passes Major Mil...
NASA's Magnetospheric Mission Passes Major Milestone (Photo credit: NASA Goddard Photo and Video)
This artist's concept shows the explosion of e...
This artist's concept shows the explosion of energy responsible for sudden increases in the brightness and movement of the Northern Lights. Credit: NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center Conceptual Image Lab (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Animated schematic of magnetic reconnection
Animated schematic of magnetic reconnection (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Broken memories take new heart

As the reconnection begins to start.

How much longer will we be apart?


it is that

we are

a part of each other.  

That is a certainty

as your Voice touches Soul.

Your written words embrace my heart.

As the reconnection begins to start.

How much longer will we be a part?


it is that

we are

a part of each other.  

That is a certainty

as your Voice touches Soul


The gatherer shares….when asked

Diamonds (Photo credit: Kim-bodia)
Nearly octahedral diamond crystal in matrix.
Nearly octahedral diamond crystal in matrix. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: 0.43 carat, high quality, cornflower ...

English: The lilt gatherer
Image via Wikipedia

I have been gathering

my whole life through

Experiences, blessings

miracles, just for you.

I want to share

them with you.

To help you

on your way.

I am here waiting

to share them with you.

I only need for you to request.

I want to tease you

with one drop of the freedom

That is in store for you.

I want to give you

all the laughter

that is hiding in my chest.

I cannot give you anything

that is the hardest task…

I must wait for your permission

The Mussel Gatherer
Image via Wikipedia

I must wait until you ask.

Poems for Kush

excuse me Professor

but did you just make

a sweeping generalization

of a particular color, nation or people

based upon the few incidents

you had with a few of “them”

but would you agree

it is quite absurd

to paint millions of “them”

with the same brush

based upon , let’s see

twenty or less incidents

or encounters or experiences.

“they” are like that only

shouldnt that come with a

statuary warning

caveat emptor-

listener beware

inadequate sample size

used for making a big

assumption and projection

of internal biases

on “them’

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all that charms


I don’t know if it’s proper but every time my daughter cries we comfort her by saying “Halika laro tayo ng I-touch!” (Come on, let’s play I-touch), and this will do the trick.


My daughter, Ysa, is 2 years and 6 months old and she appreciates plants vs zombies and temple run more than i do. Her bonding time with her dad is either playing basketball in the playground or playing basketball using the PSP.

Yes, we made her aware of the new things that this generation can offer. It’s also a way to have quality time, to bond with her and to show that “Hey, we can be cool parents!”. I believe that it’s a way of closing the generation gap.

But will all the technology and gadgets, there’s nothing beat a good conversation over a good meal while teaching and reminding her that, “Hey, we are here, talk…

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The flood of September 2011 in Pennsylvania and neighboring states entered my childhood home uninvited and very unwelcomed. There was no loss of life, but it made quite a mess and disrupted the lives of people I love. Thirty years of hard work making a house a home were ripped apart overnight. It was heart breaking to see the home my parents had worked so hard on figuratively swept away. The structure still stood, but things would never be the same. The situation forced my parents to answer the question of whether or not to start over but also to wonder if they really had the choice not to.

The clean up was hard and emotionally draining, but there were things that helped me through it – kind words from a friend, the generosity of strangers, the reliability of family, the memories and hopes we all held onto…and the ability to put my feelings into the words of a poem.  A lot of things were thrown away during the cleanup…

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I just came out of an lecture in Media in Society, we mostly talked about the representation of race and minorities in movies. We discussed how different people are stereo typed in movies, mostly minorities since they are more abused with stereotyping. We went through a lot of people in class to see if they ever had been part of a stereotype displayed in media, and it showed that almost everyone has been stereotyped in some way. Tourette syndrome to be swearing all the time, all hispanics to be mexican, russians to only be mob embers, black to be poor, and the list goes on and on. However, I could only think about one thing during the whole discussion.

Why do you care what other people think about you and how they display your :race, gender, handicap, color, hair, sexuality, clothing, society? What it all comes down to is…

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I am a planner. It is part of my chemical make up I can’t help it. For over a month now I have been getting ready for this family trip local here in Southern Californian to the Aquarium of the Pacific. I have never been and I wanted it to be perfect and the create memories that would last a lifetime.

So, NO PRESSURE on this trip at all. As we started out it was a perfect day and the picture-taking started early in the car. NO ONE was pleased with my attempt of posed casual shots lest of all my husband while he drove. We go to the place and I wanted the perfect cover picture for my soon to be scrapbook for the event. After seven attempts to get the four-year old to stand still I got this shot.

At this disappointment I got a squeeze on my…

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