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Beloved One
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I started this wee blog as a form of discipline…to add structure to my life of service to others…..It is I dear hearts, who has been the beneficiary….I am enjoying the recovery from the loss of my parents…the discovery of so many great bloggers….and meeting myself head on.

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He is really real

He calls when he says he is going to.

He thinks of me when I am thinking of him.

We share music together.

We share the silence and the weather.

He starts my day….makes sure I am alight

Calls to tuck me in…each and every night.

I am excited…I am happy I feel

He is real.

North America and Pelican Nebulae (narrowband)
North America and Pelican Nebulae (narrowband) (Photo credit: DJMcCrady)

He is really real.

For all you garden lovers and enthusiasts, this post is for you! Most yrs, in very early spring or even late winter, we start an inside greenhouse to germinate some of our seeds. This is b/c where we live, the cold lingers on and on and it’s not ideal to plant seeds when the last frost hasn’t passed. In fact, the harsh outside environment may weaken the growth or even kill it. 

Creating a greenhouse enables the seeds to quickly grow in the best environment possible. After they germinate, they may be transferred to your garden or favorite pots. 

And when I say ‘Greenhouse’, I don’t mean go buy a separate glass house for this. Just a little portable greenhouse that you can easily find at your local home and garden store. I use the Burpee 72 cell greenhouse kit. Got it from Home Depot. 

As a teaser and a motivator, here’s…

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My bodies remember your touch

Baby toes
Baby toes (Photo credit: sabianmaggy)
Newborn infant, 4 hours after birth Deutsch: N...
Newborn infant, 4 hours after birth Deutsch: Neugeborenes, 4 Stunden nach der Geburt (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

baby bentrup
baby bentrup (Photo credit: paparutzi)

Memories of you mean so much…

my bodies remember you and your touch.

My body was swollen with an uncontrollable need.

You wanted your freedom.

I wanted to feed…

All of your longings.

They took their toll.

Now I have given you birth.

Your freedom has made us both whole.

Forty years later after your birth

my bodies remember your touch. 

Remember me dear heart

Only Time... (49854383)
Only Time... (49854383) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Remember me dear heart,

At the setting of the sun.

Remember me dear heart,

Until we can sing as one. 

Remember me dear heart

As you wish upon our star.

Remember my beloved friend 

Until we remember again

Exactly who we are. 

Remember my sweet Soul

As you sit beneath the moon

Knowing I am holding you in my heart

Until you come home soon.