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I do not apologize for being me,
for speaking my truth,
for making you uncomfortable,
for being courageous, or for
having integrity.

I do not apologize for being
outraged at babies slaughtered
in wars of greed, for crying at
the mistreatment of animals we eat.

I do not apologize for being me,
and if this bothers you, perhaps
you need to examine that. I will
not be silenced by condemnation,
or intimidation.

If I stand alone in my truth,
it still remains the truth.

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Oh How I Want To Hate
tears fall in torrents of rain
not a chance in hell  stopping this excruciating pain
once again you turned and ran away in fear
for your truth you deny is much too near
I want to scream, Oh how I want to hate
I want this inner storm to abate
I want to fade away into nothingness
for you have once again made me feel worthless
maybe a curse, maybe a hex or two
drive this pain you delivered right back into you
tell  so many secrets , make you run and hide
expose the game and the lie
I so want to know how to hate
but I cannot for its much too late
for every mile is a cherished memory,
each moment a growing curiosity
joined together they became our destiny
I can never hate you it is an impossiblity

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Have A Dream

Do the right thing and let God do the rest.

Look around you today and appreciate the riches God has placed on your life ……………….. Even if your circumstances are troubling and your prospects slim, you can still revel in the vibrant colors of the morning sunrise.

Many people spend their lives searching for happiness. Towards the end, some are fortunate to realize that it is not about having more, doing more or being more. It is about how they view what is already theirs. You see, when we begin to see and appreciate the riches around us, we will almost certainly find that we have a great deal more to be happy about than we once imagined ………………………. Here’s something to ponder as we begin another week.

“If you want happiness, give some away.”

“All the breaks you need in life wait within your imagination.”

“Nothing shows a man’s…

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Friend to Yourself

Self-Care Tip:  Anticipate rejections and some in-between times, you will be chosen.

I have not failed. I’ve just found 10000 ways that won’t work.

-Thomas A. Edison

Foto einer Glühbirne (an),

In today’s economic climate, we are given more opportunities to seek employment elsewhere.  Of course, “opportunity” is loosely used here and it might sound like I was playing Mad-Libs, a super game in fact so I’m okay with that.

But whether we are applying for employment or asking to be someone’s friend, or like Edison, playing – these various arenas of rejections are normal. They may feel particularly personal, but that’s a distortion.  They’re part of the human condition.  They come to us who do what we love, who do for well-evaluated intentions, who put out with courage and who put in 10,ooo hours.  They come to us who haven’t found what we love, who work for a martyrs salary or who…

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I love dragons……here is a point of view Maybe Dragons are Misunderstood


Just because you’re hard to kill
Doesn’t always make you tough
Just because you never smile
Doesn’t mean you never dream
Just because you’re breathing fire
Doesn’t mean you cannot love
Just because you’re different
Doesn’t mean you’re dangerous

What if all the dragons
Are just brokenhearted fairy tales
What if all the monsters
Are just souls without a home
What if all the blood we spill
Is digging our way down to hell
What if everybody
Didn’t have to be alone

Just because they don’t believe
Doesn’t always mean you’re wrong
Just because they cannot see
Doesn’t mean there’s nothing there
Just because you’re far away
Doesn’t mean you don’t belong
Just because my skin is thick
Doesn’t mean that I don’t care

What if all the villains
Are the heroes no one understood
What if all the peasants
Are just kings without a throne
What if you and…

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