This delightful writer is certainly worth a moment of your time….and when you get a chance read aloud the poem it is a mouthful


The process of getting up in the morning was somewhat delayed today, when I started to arise, and my brain SNARLED at me! It’s never done that before, and needless to say, I was a bit shocked! It didn’t bite, but it sure sounded serious; I was compelled to soothe it a bit by sitting on the edge of the bed, petting and talking to it softly; after just a moment or two, it stopped its grumbling and joined the rest of the group in getting on with routine. Before it got up to join the rest, it even gave me a big sloppy lick on the face, as if to say it was sorry for growling at me…..

Whew! I don’t think I want to go through THAT every morning; I’d better check its feed, see if something out of the ordinary got in there by mistake. Generally…

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  1. Thanks!…. :-) It’s always nice to hear my work is appreciated… and an honor to be re-blogged here…. truth to tell, I blushed… By the way… I saw, and still have the email and link to the post of yours wherein you nominated me for the VBA… I just haven’t had the time to put together a response posting, but will get to it soon… meeting some of the requirements of these awards seriously challenges my aptitude with the technical aspects of including all the links and linkbacks… and art, too, always a grunt involved there…. but, I won’t forget… and really appreciate the nomination and encouragement…. you’re a Peach! (in the vernacular of the 1950’s, when I grew up….)… :-) Thanks again, & take care….

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