The always inspiring has kindly nominated me for my second Sunshine Award and the Very Inspiring Blogger Award….here is a random post from his blog….Well worth taking time from my holidays to read his posts….to reply to the nomination and to name my nominees…..enjoy dear heart…..


When I started to write this morning, something held me back. Whatever it is, it still seems to be operating, as what I had intended to write here is gone, pffft, no idea what it was. But that’s life I suppose, so here I am again, passing time on the keyboard, hitting random letters and hoping it comes out readable.

Oh, I remember….  I was going to begin today with another flight of fancy, but all I could find were flights of dreary. Nobody likes dreary, especially in the morning. But, then I remembered that, although I write this each morning, that doesn’t necessarily mean it will be read in the morning, so that’s a moot point. Nonetheless, it’s still morning for me, so I’ll have to at least acknowledge such limitations, if not observe them literally. And if anyone can tell me what I’ve just said in the…

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