Evening contemplation on the joys of the day………

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Happy Children Playing Kids
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Children at N.Y. Zoo (LOC) (Photo credit: The Library of Congress)

I saw you


in a toddler’s dance class…

In the eyes of the children.

I saw you


in the love of the parents

who caressed their children with their eyes.

Parents who were present for themselves,

present for their children

 practicing your presence in their lives.

I heard you


in the voice of the teacher,

in the call to breakfast from my family

in the laughter of children on a play date.

I heard you in my heart.

I felt your presence

in your guiding hand….throughout my day.

Humbly, I thank you for your gift of life.

I thank you for the gift of love.

I thank you for my love life.

I thank you for my loving life.


Delightful thought provoking and profound……even on holidays this had to be shared

A Pithy Moment in Time

And so, thinking
About what
It was like,
You know,
In the womb…

Well, it was dark.

But the dark was okay,
It was nice.
And it was warm,
But I don’t think I knew that,
But it was nice, too.

And well, then,
I began to
Experience sound.

It was different
Than it is now,
But very nice.

I felt it more
Than I heard it.

I spun around,
And the feeling
Was nice.

It happened.

I was experiencing




The sounds
Were offensive,
The sound of metal
Against metal,
And whooshing sounds
And choking,
Noises, noises,
What’s happening?
My eyes!

And then,

Then I hear
another sound.

That sound…
I know

That sound….

I am this sound…


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