Gentle snow, gentle voices, gentle love

Martel and van Over have friends for dinner an...
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English: Blowing snow, Creag Mhigeachaidh Even...
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The forecasted blizzard

is a gentle snow

when viewed from the inside

of a loving home

safe, warm, protected, secure

out harms way of the storm.

Gentle voices,

sharing the day,

the struggles,

the joys,

the victories

comfort an aging heart.

Gentle love,  of a young child

upon a knee

(telling stories to her real imaginary friend

sharing countless hours with a visiting relative)

 healing a heart

that has been closed for too many centuries.

For the moment,

the snow, the gentle voices and the laughter of a child

fill the old crone’s heart.

Treasures to wrap carefully away for

the rainy days on the trail ahead. 

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