For sale-one slightly used husband…or trade for boat….please send picture of boat……..

I took out an ad today…..

in the Universe`s newspaper….

FOR SALE…one slightly used husband….or in trade for

boat…please send picture of boat……


I should have added…..comes with never used


built-in I do not care that much button

with a complete volume of excuses……


damn, I hope I can get a good boat….


my broom is broken….but not my heart….not this time….not this lifetime….not ever again….inshallah!!!

Goodbye is a gift I give myself… is worth more than gold

Gold tablewares
Gold tablewares (Photo credit: Nickmard)
Mojave Nugget, a gold nugget weighing 156 ounc...
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My beloved husband,

here on the new moon………

I am finally saying


Over the lifetimes and centuries,

I have loved you.

Over the bullshit and pain,

I have loved you.

Over it all,

I am finally over you. 

As Twilight Falls

Perfect thank you ladybluerose….


As Twilight Falls
as twilight falls around us tonight
we’ll listen to the faeries music take flight
the world seems to turn into shades of blue
for the faerie music is of their heart’s passions so true
the wise olde owls sit together side by side
watching the moon draw the oceans tides
the slow rocking of the ebb and flow
blends in with the faeries song as the gentle wind blows
the stag and his doe listening while standing perfectly still
watching them makes the moment so incredibly surreal
the wolves add their voices in with the musical flow
giving more to the night sounds creating an eerie glow
we watch as the moon begins Her ascent on this clear starfilled night
filling the woods with her beautiful energy of silver light
the faeries make their way to the center of the glade
this is where magick is created, come closer…

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Buffalo’s Blessings # 3

Gum tree & footpath to Baldwin
Gum tree & footpath to Baldwin (Photo credit: Ben.Millett)
Far Above the Trees
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Autumn trees
Autumn trees (Photo credit: blmiers2)

Blessings you are.

Blessings you give.

May you always be blessing.

As long as Soul lives.