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Contemplation Seed Harold Klemp Language of Soul

A Seed for Contemplation

Sometimes the Holy Spirit may work in a gentle way. It may give you

just a nudge, a feeling of how to act, what to do, which dentist to go see—

something right down to earth.

Harold Klemp

The Language of Soul

Mick Casey Guest Author….Poems, and Photo…thanks for the honour of sharing your work.

Ireland is like a Sinking Ship

Very slowly – Ireland is sinking
With all the cutbacks – more on the way

Soon Ireland will be gone
Gone – where do you ask?
At the bottom of the sea

Will it ever come back?
That I do wonder about!

Mick Casey © 2011

Don’t Lost Heart

We may be having tough times
Spirits of the people may be harmed
But do not lost heart during this

It’s hard to keep positive
With so much negative around
All people have is their faith

Please do not let it break you
Or take your heart & soul

Mick Casey © 2011

A Journey with Steps

Each person has a journey
A journey that take many footsteps
And it could lead anywhere

For a person – that journey could be a struggle
But they take it one day at a time

A journey is all about footsteps!

To that first step as a child – to the last
At the end of the day
Go on that journey of yours
But take your journey in footsteps!

Mick Casey © 2011

All Hope is Gone

Use to be so positive
Now nothing but negative
With so little to live on
It’s all about severely

How did I get so negative?
& feel so very angry
I get so down at times
Just feel like giving up

No matter whom I talk to
No matter how much I write
Those feelings won’t go away
Just hope things will improve

Mick Casey © 2011

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