Alwine`s dance with WahZ

English: Windswept trees somewhere in New Zealand
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Loop off Manawatu River from Te Awahou boardwa...
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In the quiet of the garden

surrounded by a grove of trees….

(The woman sat in contemplation

One of the doggies by her knees) 

Grew a different kind of breeze.

The sweet doggie`s Master was standing there at ease.

The oriental Masters were  tending to the plants

The Mahanta and his Mrs. were erasing all the “cant’s”

The stand of trees leading out from the house

Began to dance and sing…

It was all the Viaragi Masters

With all the others and the blessings  that they bring.

“You have asked us to be present

To bring answers on the breeze.

We love you dear  Alwine

we are listening to your pleas.

You are not standing alone in this matter.

We are standing in your place.

We are always with you bringing love and grace.“