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what did you say?

You want me to do what?


I have got my pride you know.

Oh, you know eh?

That is why it is so hard for me to surrender.

Hello God, I think I need a lesson in surrender.

Oh, I should look at the pine tree in the front yard?

Like that is going to answer my question.

It is eh?

Awh, the tree does not wish to be a fish or a cloud.

Acceptance, is that what surrender is all about?

Self acceptance, that I am working your plan?

No, that you are working on mine?

What, that I am part of the spark of the divine

and just knowing that I can surrender I can just be?

Bye for now God, thanks for the lesson…can I come see you again?

What, you are always with me?

Practicing your presence is the true surrender?

Say, what?

How long did you say it will take me to learn about surrender?

At least one lifetime?

Oh what do I do with my demand for instant gratification now?

Awh, surrender?


Just when I needed you most

SunlightSolar system

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Breathing in the stars I walked across the moon

Then I returned to my body… way too soon!

I remembered how it felt, a million dreams ago

To have someone hold me close.

Someone to whom I could always go.

Someone whose laughter thrilled me.

Whose eyes danced with me in rain.

Someone whose gentle smile banished all my pain.

Now I am fully awakened.

I give my head a shake.

I have been alone for many years

Why would I long for you


for goodness sake.

I take my shower.

Sing my prayer song.

Then the Sunlight of the Spirit comes along…

Just when I needed you most.

Thank you sweet Spirit

My Guide and my Friend

May I feel your presence till my Journeys end.