Bayonets at the ready…battle cry

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Bayonets at the ready.”

The order pierced my heart.

I was ready to serve.

Not quite ready to kill.

But I would do my part.

The shadow side was winning.

I wanted to stand and fight.

Surrender would mean huge changes.

I would stand defending the right.

The right to choose my actions.

The right to have a voice.

The right to defend my sacred space.

The right to listen to the inner nudge.

The right to freedom.

The right to rejoice.

I stood ready to serve.

I would do battle

on the largest battlefield

I try not to lose my nerve

I would be taking on

the greatest enemy.

I would be fighting my self.

Bayonets at the ready.”

The call came again loud and clear.

Which part of me

would be left standing?

Which part would I

be holding more dear?

The tears flowed like a river.

The release was a beautiful grace.

My right for love and freedom

Was confirmed when I

saw the Beloved’s face.

The battle for today is over.”

The message was loud and clear.

You have won your right to love and serve

There is nothing more to fear.

‘Bayonets at the ready…’

You must be vigilant

Always be on guard

To stay open and loving

I will always be with you

Next time it won’t be so hard.

Bayonets at the ready.“