Perspective on healing

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The pain is gone……..



wracked with pain…

I detach

knowing there worlds to gain.

The cleansing,

the healing,

the renewal

its true

Are gifts

we receive.

The point

of view

is up to you.


Spirit dance in moonlight

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Traditional Dragon Dance

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Dancing in the spirit….oh the music can you hear it.

I dance

beneath the full moon

in February 2012

To the observer

I am simply taking

out the garbage

But to spirit,

I am taking out

all the garbage.

….all the sorrows,

all the fears,

all the guilt,

all the shame,

of all the years.

I am dumping it



On the way back

from the garbage bin

I gaze into the night sky

sparkling with the love

and fullness of life.

No more “toxic waste dump me.”.

I am happy joyous and free.

Oh , how I dance. 

Brother Lawrence I aint

Phalaenopsis Autumn Sun x Brother Lawrence

Brother Lawrence
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I can clean


that has ever been invented:

I can clean your clock,

clean up my vocabulary,

clean my home

clean my mind.

I can scrub

 clean wax and polish.

Today I discovered

I am no Brother Lawrence.

He gave his life in serving others

by washing dishes

scrubbing pots

for years

all day long

   all his life.

As his gift of loving

service in devotion to God

he scrubbed pots

for the other brothers

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in his monastery.

Brother Lawrence is a saint.

Brother Lawrence I aint. 

((However, he practiced the presence of  Spirit.

He was diligent, devoted and determined.

He is a great role model. ))

Always and all ways


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Joyce Kilmer Memorial Forest
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You sparkle

when you


to me

in dreams.

Your arms

enfold me

Sunlight on the Ou Mountains
Sunlight on the Ou Mountains (Photo credit: jasohill)

in a comforting

embrace as I sleep.

I hear your voice on the wind…

In the laughter of a child

In the music of the night.

I am connected deeply through the trees, the mountains and lakes.

I see you every where in nature, for goodness sakes.

I am admonished, appeased and appreciated.

I never


in my waking


 exactly who you are…

behind whose eyes you are hiding.

So I am extra nice

to all I meet

at least

that’s how it seems.

Through aging

the weather

I spend

most of my time alone

Discovered yesterday

that alone

is derived from all one.

That is really

how it feels.

I talk to you at sunset.

I dance with you in rain.

I see you

in the eyes

of children

As they play

throughout the day.

The joy I have in this mindfulness

This awareness of your love

Has been with  me ever since I was  a child

When I left my home above.

Now when I clean or scrub

I am aware it is my service

I do not really feel isolated

Or disconnected from others

I see all of your children

As sisters and brothers.

My love for you  is dancing with me

As I learn through out the day

I am so blessed to be walking

This wondrous narrow way.