Flute of God Paul Twitchell Chapter 6 The Unknown Name of God page 82

In doing this I found or rather discovered this premise: That I, Soul was a center of Divine spiritual operation. And the Divine Power is always operating for fuller expansion and wider expression. This meant the production of something which was beyond what has always occurred before, something entirely new, not included in the past but developed out of former experiences by orderly growth. Since the power cannot change its inherent nature, it must operate in the same manner through each Soul; consequently, in anyone’s universe of which he is himself the center, it moves forward to produce new conditions always.

This results in look at the Divine in a new light, for not only is it creative, but also directive. It determines the actual forms which the conditions for its manifestations will actualize, as well as supplying the energy for production. There is the relation between the individual and the real ECK power, the forming power. HU is the forming power under our direction throughout this universe whether we realize it or not, and we must learn to trust its formative quality when operating from this new starting point in ourselves.

The question arises, this being so, what is my responsibility? Your responsibility is this—to provide a specific center around which the Divine energies can play. You must take responsibility for each individual in the generic order of being. You should exercise upon the power of a force of attraction in accordance to the innate pattern of your particular individuality. As you begin to realize the law of this relation, you, in turn, are attracted toward the ECK Power along the lines of least resistance, that is, on those lines which are most natural to your special form of mind and position on the social and emotional scale.

We must accept responsibility, as Rebazar Tarzs and the ECK saints have told us, for our individual actions. For as we go along in life sending up certain aspirations there are results that have intensified our attraction to the ECK forces. They, then, begin to act both through us and around us in accordance with our aspirations. This is the natural actions between the Divine Power and the individual Soul, and this shows us that our desires should not be direct to the acquisition of particular things so much as to the reproduction of spiritual activities within our universe in particular phases. This, being in its very nature creative, is bound to externalize int corresponding things and circumstances.


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