Hey baby cakes

Thoughts of you are
Swirling around.
They remind me of the dance of the snow.
(In my mind)
I stoke the fire,
Bring in a new load of wood,
Pull fresh baked buns from the oven,

A log in a fireplace.
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Stir the home made beans,
Then put water on for tea.
I bask in thoughts of our meeting
The way your eyes smiled as we danced.
(In my heart)
You are already home.
Thank you my Friend
For filling my heart


Before the lights go out

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I would love the following things:

  • one last dance
  • One kiss from the stranger across a crowed room
  • A bunge jump off the tallest cliff
  • Hang gliding over the mountains
  • Making a snow fort after lying in the flakiest snow making snow angels
  • A day quilting with my friend
  • An afternoon long coffee date with double salts…and you know who
  • Swimming in the ocean….floating like an otter
  • Wearing high heels and a mink coat
  • A warm hug
  • A decent batch of pickles

It is quite a list  Before the lights go out.

Good Grief

Inconsolable grief
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34.31 x 18.25" (61.75 x 46.36 cm)
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I want to scream

How could you

every month on the anniversary

(of my parents passing

they passed 60 days apart)

  I want to scream at the calendar

How is this possible

I am just starting to smile

from the anniversary last month

Where in hell does time

go between these dates

I clean, I scrub,

I shovel, I laugh and I cry

but just when I am

climbinmg up from the abyss

that date is here to say

hello…..and hi…….

where in tarnation

am I getting the reserve to carry on

is it from watching others

 how they cope

is it knowing my beloveds are

“at peace“

 I am full of hope

How in hell can I

make it through

another anniversary date.

I really do not know

  do you

Open – dedicated to Kati

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The silent teacher in the Forest


my eyes

 that I might see 

all of the beauty

You have given to me.


 my ears

that I might hear

all of the song birds 

that I love so dear.


my heart

to seeing 

all the love

Soul is being. 


my arms

that I may love

all of  my friends

for their wonderous charms.


my home

that I might share

all the bounty

You have been placing there.


my faith

that I might receivbe

all the wonderful 

joys to believe.


my day-timer

That I might fit

Time to contemplate

To quietly sit. 


my books 

That I might learn

To listen, to see, to hear

What is the service

I am here to share.


the rooms 

to my inner being

That my mission

More clearly I am seeing.