Journey Home

HU-a love song to God

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The Guardian Angel
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In a moment,

you are going to take the trip

of your lifetime.

Not one induced, persuaded, or under the control of anyone…

except  perhaps your guardian angel, higher power, inner guide.

You do not have to believe

that your guardian, protector, angel, or inner guide exist

you could imagine what they looked like

should that help you in your visualization.

You are going to take a Journey within.

For a moment, find a comfortable place,

where there is minimal opportunity

for you to be disturbed for  a few minutes.

I take off my glasses,

as we will be using our inner eyes.

First, seat yourself..

or lie prone on the earth,

or bed, or floor…what ever works for you.

Between your eyes,

there is a spot

where your unicorn horn fell off.

It is called by some, the door,

the gateway, the third eye.

Calling upon your own breath,

slowly focus on the third eye.

Image a screen there.

Now, slowly a point of light

appears on the screen.

As you sing your sacred song,

be it a prayer or contemplation sound, or mantra….

Allow the light to expand…to the size of a small coin.

This light, with the sacred sound….

brings you closer, closer, to home.

Now, or later, allow the sound and the light to flow

into each cell of your body….take your time…

After all it is your time…your Journey….your adventure. 

As this beautiful light flows

through your being….you arrive at the university within.

You arrive at the being, knowing, seeing place.

Ah, that feels so familiar….so calm, so peaceful…so like home.

Bask in the moment of home. 

Acknowledge your beauty as Soul.

Singing your sacred song, basking in the light…

you sense more of the  ah ha moment….

as it surrounds you within and without. 

Ready to follow the leader…who can that be?

Right, the best most power medicine person for you in this lifetime…

Indeed, dear heart…

It is you.

You are the one who has been with you every step of the way.

Going down the stairs behind your eyes you travel deep within yourself. 

Visualize and invite the leader  within you

to allow your angel, guardian, inner master, protector to be present.

Follow the still small voice of your leader self.

Follow the still small voice of your comforter.

Walk within further.

Ask your questions.

Seek your answers.

When you are ready walk back up the stairs to your forehead.

Singing your sacred song, still basking in the light 

Prepare to come back to the physical.

Like dancing this excercise will take practice….

When I first started I could not stay away once the light, the sound and the presence were felt  

Not to worry just showing the map…..take the trip at your own pace.

“you will meet with some of us as your trudge the happy road to destiny”….The Big Book

Love is permanent –the all-existent, all-knowing, and  all-present.  This is the great, majestic power of God which sweeps from heaven into the lower realms to help mankind in its struggle to the reach true, eternal Home.    Stranger by the River   Paul Twitchell p 168