Gratitude for miracles


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Happiness cannot be traveled to, owned, earned...
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The  gratitude

of  the miracle of love

in a life can change

the worries and strife.

Can pack up your troubles

make your joys double

for today and all of your life.

It is the attitude of gratitude

which highlights all the joys

from the simple act of breathing,

to love’s elaborate toys:

the sunlight on the water,

the sound of your beloved ,

a warm hug on a cold day, 

a quiet contemplation

a serene and quiet nook…

a visit with the inner guide

a softly burbling brook

the eyes of a child full of wonder and delight.

These are a few of the gifts of my day

When I include you there are three more words to say.

I love you

I thank you

(I love the miracle of life)

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