The lady hiding in the redneck

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Always alone when I sang my song

I used the persona of the redneck to pretend I was strong

I listened, I learned, I screamed for the right

I waited, I watched for the answers in the night.

The answers came….I could now be.

I did not need the redneck woman persona to protect me.

I am gentle, I am loving…I am waiting here for you to find…

I do not need the redneck attitude to hide my gratitude…or are you blind?


What will it take

Northern Lights
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Denali Rainshower - Alaska -  Mountains
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Georgian mountain.
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Alaska - Klondike Highway - Mountain
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What roads must you

travel until you find home?

What byways?  

what highways?

how long will you roam?

What drives you ?

what moves you?

for what do you seek?

When you are ready to make the choice

The answers are within you…in the still small voice.

The university of learning has been with you all the while.

I know you are listening, I can see it in your smile.

What roads must you

travel until you find home?

What byways?  

what highways?

how long will you roam?

Damn straight you can count on me…….

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Moonlight 2
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When in times of challenge,

a problem or a fight

Before you run, pick up the phone,

I will be there in the night

I may not know the answers

but I will let you talk it through

There are no questions in our love,

I will always be there for you. 

Laughter in abundance

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Bird - Duck - Mallard
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Oh the joys of the day:

Are delivered in the laughter,

Of the moments of grace,

In thoughts of the hereafter.

The majestic sunset

as it peaks through the pines

Brings joy in abundance

to this heart of mine.

There are gifts of the spirit

in the wings of the bird.

In the quiet rejoicing

in the fellowship heard.

The joy of the moment,

the quiet sweet voice

Of love in the music

when silence is the choice.

Oh, my beloved,

\my dear heart,

my friend…

I am so happy

for your great news,

may your joy never end. 

Waiting in Silence

Eliza's first snow...
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March 24th, 2009 Snow Bunting in Snowfall
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Snow Cat
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Waiting in Silence

For the peace that comes from within

 it is a quiet blessing

promotes a giant grin.

There are no words

to describe the miracle it brought.

This new spiritual condition…

I know it can be caught.

It is there in the sound of silence.

It is within the songbirds song

It is in the song of music

that begs you sing along

It is the wonder of the hay bales

covered with winters snow

As the sunlight dances from them

into sunrise’s majestic glow.

The sparkling diamond  of

the snow as it glistens in the light.

How the moon plays across the field

brightening the darkest night

Oh silence and its beauty

Bring forth a wonderous song…

the light and love

from God above

helps the silence and the silent ones

to stay strong. 

Gratitude for miracles


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Happiness cannot be traveled to, owned, earned...
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The  gratitude

of  the miracle of love

in a life can change

the worries and strife.

Can pack up your troubles

make your joys double

for today and all of your life.

It is the attitude of gratitude

which highlights all the joys

from the simple act of breathing,

to love’s elaborate toys:

the sunlight on the water,

the sound of your beloved ,

a warm hug on a cold day, 

a quiet contemplation

a serene and quiet nook…

a visit with the inner guide

a softly burbling brook

the eyes of a child full of wonder and delight.

These are a few of the gifts of my day

When I include you there are three more words to say.

I love you

I thank you

(I love the miracle of life)