Gift of love -dedicated to Payam – trusting in the memories of lifetimes, of wifetimes

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Oh the joy of unconditional love.

The knowingness that all will be well.

Oh the lessons…of doing things right.

Oh the joy,  when the end is in sight.

“I love you my darling I always will.”

Spoke the woman to the beloved.

This gift of love was gently spoken.

Just before the dawn was broken.

Now in the rising sun

The gift of love is remembered. 


Waiting for your smile……..

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(XII   written in 1965)

I wish I didn’t love you

The way you haunt my brain

I wish I didn’t need you

The way your touch drives away pain

I wish I didn’t want you

The way you make life worth-while

I wish I didn’t love you

But then “dammit all”

You smile.

Can you hear me now?

Northern Lights
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Northern lights at the Arctic Circle.
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I have been alone

for so many years,

 I wonder

can you hear me now?

It is about gratitude,

it is about attitude

can you hear me now?

It is about service coin or pain.

I have given all I could.

I have been misunderstood.

I have been there for everyone…

always and all ways.

Now I get it.

Those I love could not be present for me

because they had never

been present for themselves.

I am fully here.

I am fully present.

Can you hear me now?

I live alone secure in the love of the Alone.

I am sitting smiling a quiet joy.

I am never going to be your toy.

Can you hear me now?

Northern Lights
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