When you hold my hand

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I am weak

weary as I turn to Thee…

My Inner Guide,

my Higher Power,

the still small voice within.

In the silence,

I hear you speak without words.

I see  a gentle rustle of the trees

I see a wild rabbit

on the doorstep

in the middle of town

the wind brings warm

weather after a spell of -50C

the setting sun winks

as it goes out of sight.  

When you lift me up

when you hold my hand

there is the knowingness

the fatigue and weariness are gone

at last  I understand.

All of the lessons,

the learning and such,

are guided

given with your loving touch.

I release the fatigue

under the shower

 singing my song

of love to you.

HU  HU-a love song to God

Climbing into warm clothes,

I gather my gratitude

for another evening

safe from the storm

basking in your love.

The fire of the holy spirit burns within.

  My hand senses a squeeze

I breathe deeply

in the light and sound of love.


6 thoughts on “When you hold my hand

    1. Thank you sweet Sister, I am working on a poem about you but my nederlands is too weak and it does not have the same flavor in inglish….so it may take a while….missing our chats….weekends is family time finally. Weather milder and my hot chocolate almost gone so off to dream land…love you my precious sister.

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