The healing song in the mountains -dedicated to the Oracle of Oregon – Catherine G.

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Grand Canyon
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Grand Canyon
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Grand Canyon 5
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English: Grand Canyon view from Hermit's Rest
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She traveled far

from her home planet.


for just this place.


for just this time.


for the song

which had been


to be sung.

She stood in silence.

 It murmured  at first

out of her very dear heart.

Across the galaxy from home.

From her lips to the ears of the gods.

There was no more space in the  silence.

The joy burst forth  bubbling up with in her.

The soft sweet song  burbled  from her lips.

The rocks, hills, valleys sighed

 breathing  in the  new life of the song.

Where deep gorges  had stood

wracked in the pain of   time , wind,  water

The transformation began.

As the sun moved across her face and valley floor….

Crystals were now forming where rocks had stood before.

The song of the oracle singer blessed every rock, tree and brook.

The beauty of it all transformed all who stopped to look.

How could this happen

What could it be

Was all this beauty trapped inside me

The song birds and eagle gave their response.

You are the carrier of the living light and sound…

You are the walker of holy ground. 

Sing your song where ever you may be dear heart…

The one who may be transformed it is Thee.

13 thoughts on “The healing song in the mountains -dedicated to the Oracle of Oregon – Catherine G.

    1. WOuld you be so kind as to include the author on my offering of The healing song in the Mountains dedicated to the Oracle of Oregon Catherine G. This was taken from my blog without the authors name please amend this

      1. The Oracle cannot be owned begotten or coventant it is of Gods World our music all guides our emotions and vibrations that is why the deaf and blind respond purest but the deaf and blind in Spirit have trouble perceiving this transition

      2. Indeed, thank you for the reminder…. appreciated….kindly keep in mind this is in some people s opinions the work of fiction….it is from the heart of a story teller. Thank you kindly for allowing the poetic license…..when my friend sings you will know why to my heart she is the Oracle of Oregon…..we are all the crystal singer to someone.

  1. When I’m in the mountains or canyons there is a peaceful song continually sung, changing the way I perceive the world, and also changing me. Your poem reminded me of that healing song. Thanks.

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